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Shared Mobility Solutions

Shared Mobility Solutions can help your company answer the following questions:

  1. How can I assess my drivers before they enter my shared mobility program?
  2. How do I optimize individual vehicle usage while equalizing miles driven and lowering maintenance costs?
  3. How do I provide incentives to keep my best drivers and increase fleet efficiency?

What is it?

Our Shared Mobility Solutions APIs help you manage the efficiency of drivers and vehicles participating in the sharing economy, including ride share, car share, P2P and fleet management programs.

How does it work?

Shared Mobility Solutions uses predictive models to help you understand and assess the profile of individual drivers and vehicles, and understand your fleet as a whole.

The Arity PreQual℠ API is used for onboarding drivers. It helps you understand potential losses based on drivers’ MVR, demographic and other historic data.

Arity's SDK and other API solutions capture telematics data to help you assess the efficiency of your drivers and vehicles.

Our solution helps you to identify your best and worst drivers. It also helps you get insight into vehicle usage costs, including maintenance, repair and fuel costs. Our solution is unique in that we account for situations where multiple drivers use one vehicle and one driver uses multiple vehicles.

Check out Shared Mobility Solutions documentation.

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