Enable your drivers to request roadside assistance and monitor the real-time status of a request within your app.

Roadside Service

Arity's roadside service APIs can be used to implement digital end-to-end functionality for Allstate's on-demand roadside service, including full access to their network of roadside service providers. Use this suite of APIs to provide your drivers with the ability to request roadside assistance service (e.g. request a tow or tire change, request lockout service, etc.) and monitor the real-time status of the request without requiring human interaction. You can create service requests and get information about their status with the following APIs.


Determine Customer & Vehicle

Get Tow To Location

Determine Price | Retrieve Benefits

Collect Customer Feedback


We welcome developers the opportunity to try our roadside service APIs. To learn about how you can become an enterprise customer and to request a demo of our roadside services capabilities, email developer@arity.com.

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