85+ years of claims frequency and severity data
10+ years experience capturing telematics data
25B miles of driving data built into models

Insurance Solutions

Better predict future losses

Arity has everything you need to build and maintain app- and device-driven usage-based insurance programs. Our solutions enable you to enhance traditional risk models, price your customers more accurately and better predict individual driving risk.

Our solutions flex to fit your business:

  • Capture and score individual driving data
    Integrate our software development kit (SDK) directly into your existing app and start collecting driving data. Don't have an app? We can help.
  • Predict individual driver risk and future losses
    Analyze driving data to measure relative risk and make informed decisions around acquisition, retention and margin.
  • Streamline rating and program reporting
    Implement pre-approved rating models to enable new rates without a lengthy regulatory approval process.
  • Optimize driver safety and improve driving experiences
    Empower your drivers with solutions that help them stay safer and more connected when behind the wheel.


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