Capture, process and draw actionable insights from your driving data with our Driving Behavior managed service. 

Mobilize Your Business Intelligence with our Driving Behavior Services

Arity’s Driving Behavior managed service offers businesses a comprehensive platform for capturing and processing data and drawing insights from your driving data so you can focus on end user experience.

Since launching our first connected car partnership, Arity has generated data from over a million sensors by gathering on-device sensor data–quantitative conclusions about individual driving patterns, such as hard braking, excessive acceleration, and other behavior. Analyzing these behaviors have been proven to predict the likelihood of an accident.

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How It Works

The Driving Behavior service is comprised of two key components:

  • Driving Engine Mobile SDK
  • Driving Behavior Cloud APIs

By integrating the Driving Engine SDK into your app, you will have the ability to capture telematics data from your drivers upon trip start and stop. The application can access this data locally and it is also uploaded to our Driving Behavior servers. Our cloud infrastructure provides additional APIs which allow you to access the trip data or make use of algorithms created by our Data Science team to provide insights such as driving score.


Key Features

The key features within the Driving Behavior managed service includes:

Driving Engine SDK

  • Provides APIs to capture driving characteristics and events:
    • hard braking
    • excessive speeding
    • trip start & stop
    • time of day
    • acceleration
    • speed
  • Available for iOS (Objective C & Swift) and Android 

Sensor Data Ingestion APIs

  • Upload completed trips as JSON data
  • Ability to publish your data to other subscribers and manage subscriptions
  • High scalability via Cloud Native Java app, Spring Boot & Cloud Foundry

Driving Insights APIs

  • Application of data science & models to score and derive insights into driving behavior
  • Reporting for viewing driving events, user status & activity across your user base

Trip Service APIs

  • View trip details including start, stop, GPS trails, driving events
  • View summary of driving events across multiple completed trips over time
  • Allow users to remove completed trips

User & Device Registration APIs

  • Manage registration and deactivation of users and their devices
  • Display and receive acknowledgement for end user agreements


Use Cases

Driving Behavior is currently used by major insurance partners, such as Allstate, Answer Financial, and Esurance. We offer them insights to understand and improve their customers' driving behavior. There are many use cases for what you can build with this powerful technology including:

Driver Feedback

Provide driver feedback on risky driving metrics such as hard braking, speeding and time of day.

Rewards Programs

Reward good driving by leverage our scoring APIs to integrate into rewards-based systems.

Gamification Programs

Leaderboards to allows drivers to compare their behavior and scores with other drivers.

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