1. Create an Arity developer account

Sign up here to try our APIs. To obtain full access to our API products and data services, contact enterprise sales at developer@arity.com.

2. Get an API key

Once you have registered for an Arity developer account, sign in and select Dashboard from the top navigation. Click "add new app," fill in app name and select the "Roadside APIs" product, then click "create app."

Your app will be listed on the Dashboard page. Click on the app name to access the Client ID and Client Secret. You will need the Client ID and Client Secret in the next step, so we recommend keeping your Dashboard open in its own tab or copying the values to a text editor.

3. Get an Access Token

Select Get started below "Roadside Service Docs" the left and click on the token API.

Enter the following parameters:

  • Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • client_id: Your app's Client ID from the Dashboard
  • Authorization: The word Basic, followed by Base64-encoded client_id and client_secret (from Dashboard) inside curly braces
    • To generate the Base64-encoded value, go to https://www.base64encode.org/, enter your client_id and client_secret separated by a colon (client_id:client_secret) and click ENCODE.

Alternatively, you can utilize a cURL command as follows:

curl -X POST --header "client_id: YOURCLIENTID" --header "Authorization: Basic {WU9VUkNMSUVOVElEOllPVVJDTElFTlRTRUNSRVQ=}" --header "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" "https://api-sandbox.arity.com/services/roadside/v1/oauth/accesstoken?grant_type=client_credentials"

An Access Token will be generated. Copy the Access Token as you will need it for making other API calls.

Use your Access Token when calling the other Roadside Service APIs. In the Authorization parameter, enter the word Bearer followed by a space and then your Access Token.

4. Try our APIs

We have a selection of Roadside Service APIs to try on our portal. Use the links under "Roadside Service Docs" in the left nav to get started.

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