Our PreQual model uses an individual's background data to return the expected losses associated with the driver along with a 900-point risk score. 900 is the lowest risk score and 100 is the highest risk. PreQual score is based on information provided to Arity by the service subscriber. The subscriber is responsible for satisfying any and all legal requirements necessitated by actions it takes based upon the PreQual score.

Resource URL /preQual

Header Parameters

Name Values Description

Value should be the word Bearer followed by a space and then the token (e.g., Bearer CW8abh5JkxZ5KYdAQQH0p9fTAicq). To generate a token, use the OAuth API.


Value to identify your driver. If you do not provide one, Arity will generate a random value.

Body Parameters

Name Values Description

Request Body

dateOfBirth: MM-DD-YYYY (required)
gender: female, male, or other (required)
maritalStatus: single, married, divorced, widowed (required)
homeowner: true or false (required)
homeZip: ##### or ######-#### (required)
totalAccidentsYear: number of accidents involving the driver (required)*
atFaultAccidentsYear: number of accidents caused by the driver (required)*
notAtFaultAccidentsYear: number of not-at-fault accidents involving the driver (required)*
minorViolationsYear: number of minor violations (required)*
concurrentMinorYear: number of concurrent minor violations (required)*
majorViolationsYear: number of major violations (required)*
extremeViolationsYear: number of extreme violations (required)*
movingViolationsYear: number of moving violations (required)*
nonMovingViolationsYear: number of non moving violations (required)*
distractedViolationsYear: number of distracted violations (required)*
recentOccupation: previous or current (optional)
income: individual (optional)
creditScore: from credit reporting agency (optional)
makeModelYear: array of all vehicles that will be driven, in the format Make_Model_Year (optional)
metaData: optional data to associate to the user
*Note:Arrays of prior-year MVR report values have length six, with the zeroth entry being zero years prior, the second being two years prior, and so on, to the fifth entry being five years prior. If a driver has no MVR, then pass all zeros for the MVR fields, i.e. [0,0,0,0,0,0]

HTTP Basic

OAuth 2.0



Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Response Error Details

  • HTTP Code
    Error Code
  • 400

    Bad Request response

  • 401

    Unauthorized response

  • 500

    Server Error response

Resource Summary


Content Type



Arity PreQual℠

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Name Type Description


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