Shared Mobility Solutions

Designed with the notion of flexible vehicle utilization, pooling, and ride sharing in mind, Shared Mobility Solutions are for platforms looking to manage safety and efficiency. Our suite of APIs access Allstate data assets in conjunction with the Arity Driving Behavior platform to provide predictive models that help companies assess risk, boost vehicle utilization, and optimize drivers.

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Identify driving risk in advance with a predictive PreQual API.

Driver safety starts with understanding the risk profile of your drivers in advance. Simplify, accelerate, and improve the driver qualification process with Arity PreQual API to minimize both driving and property risk while maximizing driver inclusion.

Built on 80+ years of loss modeling, the PreQual API leverages machine learning to train risk models that return a predictive risk assessment for each of your drivers. This reliable, objective score can help enable you to lower the cost of driver acquisition and your company’s risk while increasing driver and passenger safety.

Key Features

  • Customized models to meet your evolving driver inclusion needs
  • Reliable, objective score
  • Score reason codes

Get started using our PreQual API.

Insights powered by Arity's Driving Behavior platform

The Driving Behavior platform accepts telematics data via SDK, OBD device, or built-in vehicle sensors, and interprets driving behavior to provide shared mobility insights that answer:

  • How can I optimize individual vehicle usage with considerations for equalizing miles driven and lowering costs (e.g., repair, maintenance, fuel) based on driving behavior of multiple drivers in order to manage fleet efficiency? Get started using our Vehicle Utilization API.
  • How can I provide incentives to retain my best drivers while monitoring speeding to increase fleet efficiency. Get started using our Driver Performance API.

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