Predict risks on the road with historical and real-time accident, traffic, weather and roadway data

Risk Data Stream APISM

Use Risk Data Stream API to integrate real-time road risk scores into your applications or use the historic vehicle collision statistics to build your own accident prediction model and improve safety on the road. Arity has aggregated many data sources (static and real time) and applied our highly predictive model to offer a broad range of predictive data sets to make vehicles and drivers safer.

Getting Started

All methods require that the search area be designated with Well Known Text (WKT), a spatial reference system that uses latitude and longitude coordinates to define geometries on a map.

Supported Regions

Currently all of California and Illinois are supported, and geographies outside these regions will not return any data.




Get all available information about the relative risk & safety of the road at a specified location (e.g., accidents, traffic, risk info, etc.)



Get both static and dynamic predictive risk scores indicating the likelihood, severity, and potential cost for an accident in a specified area. Historical and real-time accident, traffic, incident, weather and other data are used to generate the scores.



Get detailed and summarized historical road accident information for a specified location. Organized by accident type (e.g., rear end, intersection, lane changing).



Get summary of traffic fatalities for a specified location, including dates, causes, weather, road conditions and other information.



Get historical traffic information (e.g., vehicle volume, speed) for a specified location

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