Inform drivers of potentially hazardous situations on the road before they encounter them

Drive Shield AlertsSM API

Alert drivers with real-time alerts built into your application. Warn drivers of upcoming locations on the road where there is a high degree of risk based on real-time contextual conditions. Data returned includes location and geometry of the alert, type of alert (risk of rear-end accident, risk of side-swipe, etc.), the relative severity of the alert (high, medium, low), and a description.

Supported Regions

Currently all of California and Illinois are supported, and geographies outside these regions will not return any data.




Get alerts that indicate accident risks for a specified location. Drive Shield Alerts identifies accident "hot spots" and their corresponding categories (e.g., side swipe, hit fixed object, rear ending, etc.) and is based on historical accident information. Requires location geometry to be specified in Well Known Text format.

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