Turn any mobile device into a powerful sensor to collect driving analytics data.

Arity Driving Engine SDK

What is it?

The Arity Driving Engine SDK can be used to turn any mobile device (iOS or Android) into a sensor to collect driving analytics data.

Today, this technology powers multiple Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) products, which include applications such as Allstate's Drivewise and Esurance's DriveSense. However, UBI is not the only area where this technology can be used. We envision many other uses for driver analytics data, including fleet tracking, car share and car ride solutions, driver safety applications or simply for automotive enthusiasts to track their driving habits and become a better driver.

Using the Arity Driving Engine SDK, you can concentrate on building insights from the data rather than worrying about how to collect the data accurately. 

To receive a copy of the SDK, please contact us or download from the button on the left.

Key Features

  • Provides APIs to capture driving characteristics and events:
    • Speed Tracking
    • Location Tracking
    • Automatic Trip Detection (trip start and stop)
    • Hard Braking Detection
    • Acceleration Detection
    • Speeding
  • Available for iOS (Objective-C & Swift) and Android

Our R&D and engineering teams will continue to build out new capabilities delivered via regular releases coming soon.

How does it work?

We have made it very easy for any application to integrate the Driving Engine SDK:

  1. Request a developer account or log in.
  2. To receive a copy of the SDK, please contact us at developer@arity.com. The trial SDK expires 60 days after first launch.
  3. Read through the included documentation.
  4. Try out the sample application, which shows you how to integrate the SDK and run simulation trips (engage by pressing the mock button).

Once integrated, the SDK allows your application to capture trip data. The application can access this data locally and is also uploaded to the Arity platform to help us improve our products and provide insights on the drivers. If you would like to explore what analysis Arity can provide for you on this data, please take a look at our Driving Behavior APIs.

Sample Use Cases

The data from Arity Driving Engine SDK powers Arity Driving Behavior solutions, which provides cloud APIs to surface extensive driving insights. These insights are currently used for usage-based insurance products.

The Arity Driving Engine SDK is currently embedded by multiple insurance partners such as Allstate, Answer Financial and Esurance, helping them to collect data and learn about their drivers through the Arity Driving Behavior solutions.

We are opening up our first release of the Driving Engine SDK data to developers and look forward to seeing what you build.

If you have any feedback we would love to hear from you at developer@arity.com.

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